Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile testers are a core element for many laboratories. They are essential for research, quality and process control. The SATRA STM 566 offers robust reliable mechanics, precision performance for enhanced capability, reliability and durability. It operates in tension and compression, is supplied with user-friendly software for a wide range of test methods and is very low maintenance.


SATRA Tensile Testing Machine STM 566

Load capacity 5,000N load capacity at full speed (lower capacity load cells are also available).
Operating speed range Speed range from 0.001mm/min to 2,000mm/min in increments of 0.001mm/min.
Test space available Width: 295mm. Height: 1,275mm working space (actual maximum test specimen height depends on jaw dimensions).
Resolution accuracies Load cell accuracies at least ±0.5% down to 1/1,000th of load cell capacity. Extension measurement resolution 0.001mm, accuracy 0.01mm across full height range.
Construction Sealed for life ballscrew end bearings; self cleaning pre-loaded ballscrews; Fully integrated digital control utilising precision stepper motor; High rigidity columns and crossbeam.
Machine protection Up to eight times overload capacity for load cell protection; protection against overload, impact and overtravel; telescopic covers providing additional protection for ballscrews.
Very low maintenance The selected materials, components and machine detail design produces a robust, durable machine with very low maintenance requirements.
Installation requirements Weight 146kg (excluding jaws); 1,575mm height; 450mm depth; 590mm width; electrical power requirements: selectable inputs for 115V or 230V, single phase 50/60Hz, 450W.
Conformity CE Marking – conforms to relevant European Standards.

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